#knitting and #vaping… please help with EFVI

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#knitting and #vaping are part of my life. One of them will be regulated to death.
Please help with www.efvi.eu

Okay today a post in English (maybe i will translate it later).
I want to explain why i am doing a #vape post in my #knitting blog.

As some of you may noticed i had a „knitting blockade“ the last 2-3 weeks. I am knitting – slowly – but my attention was needed at another important point of my life.
As some of you may also know, i am an active part of the „vaping politics“ community. It all started in May last year – when i started vaping. I readed alot in the internet and so i found out that the political situation of the vapers is alarming.

It happened that EU wanted to destroy the E-Cigarette market.

If you are a #knitter – not a vaper – you maybe not know what an E-Cigarette is. I will try to explain it very short.

An E-Cigarette is a Nicotine Delivery System, via vapor what is an real Alternative to smoking. That easy ^^.
Nothing is burned, it tastes nice, it doesn smell (and if it does it is a nice smell), it does not HARM anyone. It doesnt even look like smoking – if you dont use „cig-a-likeys“ which are DESIGNED to look like cigarettes. But its just a Design question. Most Vapers do not use these things. For a good reason. Cig-A-Likes are useless.If you want to make the switch – dont use them. There are way better systems (and cheaper, too).

Short Version of the Regulation of ecigs: After up and down in the EU-Parliament on 26. 2. 2014 the black day in vaping history happened: the plenum decided to vote for a regulation what will destroy the market. The trick: noone will ban e-cigarettes. And they don’t get tired to stress this point out. Nooooo noone wants to ban them.
They just ban the good ones. The ones who will be dangourus for the tobacco industry… or the pharma industry with their gums and patches. Noone bans ecigs. Its the question of – who gets the cake? And now we are sure – the vapers wont get the cake. Not even a crumb.
They allow cig-a-likeys… made by the tobacco industry….who just entered the market… throwing EVERYONE else from the market.

Now – we have one last chance. We have EFVI. www.efvi.eu

EFVI is a official european citiziens initiative (ECI) who askes to regulate E-Cigarrettes propper. Its that easy.
The Problem is – the requierements for an ECI are so high – its nearly impossible to get it trough. In fact the only one i know who did it is right2water. And thats not because Right2Water was one of the first ECIs happening. There where thousands before never be able even to be allowed to speak in parliament.

But back to „my“ vaping story.

I started vaping in May last year. I heard from it from my brother. My brother has asthma since he was a child . And he told me after 3 weeks of vaping he didnt need his asthma inhaler anymore.

I was like „wtf is this??“.

I was a heavy smoker. 30-40 cigarettes a day. And i hated it. I hated myself for it. I made it not to smoke during my pregnancies. First time that lasted 2 years. And if you would have asked me 2 days before i lighted my first cigarette after that period of beeing a „smoker who is not allowed to smoke“ – i would have told you i will never touch one again.
But „smoker who is not allowed to smoke“ is exactly the right phrase. I was’nt an ex-smoker or a non-smoker. I was someone who was still a smoker – and who has forbidded himself to smoke.
Before i was pregnant i tried to stop several times. With patches. With gums. With cold turkey. It was a horror trip. I allways said in fun „i will stop when i will have a baby“ .. (haha should i tell you sthg… i never wanted a baby ^^). Then it just happened. And from the first day i wasnt able to smoke. it was never a question if i wanted to smoke while pregnant or not. Never. Not a second. But that doesnt mean the „cold turkey“ was easier for me.
To shorten it – after both children was born i started smoking again. First time after 2 years .. (and then had to stop again because i was pregnant again), second time after 3 months. I was a smoking mum with a little baby in the buggy and i was ashamed of myself.

But it did not stop me from smoking. I had to. It was not a question of choice.

So – back to my brother. He has asthma since i was a child. He should not smoke. We know that. He knows that. But that didnt stop him from doing it. And of course he knew that this was not good. And i am sure he tried to stop from time to time.
And then – he found ecigs and it seemed to be soo easy. What the hell are they?


I decided to give it a try and – i was sure. I wont stop smoking. Because i was sure: i have to. Its not a question of choice if i smoke or not. After fighting this in myself for so long i gave up. I did not want to stop.
But i wanted to try ecigs. Just to see – why can my brother stop smoking with it ?

To shorten this too: Smoked my last cigarette in front of the ecig vendor – bought a starter kit. Noticed i didnt smoke again on the next day. Was done with cigarettes. Surprised. Didnt trust that. Now after over 300 days – i can say for sure: alternative found.

Now to what happened to me in between. What leaded to a knitting blockade…

When i started reading about ecigs in the internet i found out about the politics. And i allways had to read the same names when it came to communication to politics.
So i asked myself – why are there so minor people beeing active? I found out that there are parts of the community beeing „active“ without showing it. I also saw – that some people just didn’t dare to write to politicians or others. I can understand that.
But then i decided – i dont want to read Norberts name alone. Someone has to start .. and i started.

I started with making some comments on „abgeordnetenwatch“ – i started to write emails. I started to show people – its easy to write. Its easy to stand up and raise your voice. I hope – some followed me.
Then one day i was surfing around, found a Internet-Tv-Show named „DE-Talk“. A Show of  German vapers talking about politics – on an internet-TV-Station from UK. Norbert was part of it. Okay, i know who Norbert is – his emails and comments to politicians are brilliant. He is one of my heros. Looked it some weeks. Then they invented guests – so i wanted to be a guest.
After that evening – i was a member of the team. Thats what i am doing the last half year. Working in the DE-Talk team. Trying to explain politics to vapers. Trying to get people moved. Trying to give motivation. You can check our blog 🙂

And now we have one single aim.

Getting EFVI through.


so please

help me





Thank you



p.s. sorry for the bad spelling – i hope its not too worse.


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